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Overall: 9
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Paranormal Element: 10

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Review for Evermore
Author: Lynn Viehl
Date of Review: 10/13/07
Reviewed by: Stacy Cooper

Reviewer Comments: Jayr sacrificed her life for a dying man over 700 years ago. No longer human, she became that dying man’s seneschal, sworn to protect him with her life.

Born during a time when battles were raging and people starving, she has adapted to life in the twentieth century in most ways that matter, except for one; she is unable to tell her master about her love for him.

Bryne, Jayr’s master, hides a deep secret and in order to maintain control of his secret decides to abdicate his leadership over his holdings. This means that he’ll be leaving Jayr, the woman he loves. To facilitate his withdrawal from Darkyn society, he holds a tournament to find a new master for his people.

Before the search begins, an old grievance surfaces, forcing the two star crossed lovers to look to the past if they are ever to have a future.

Evermore is a delightful and engaging book that continues the tale of the Darkyn people. The book is exciting and multifaceted. It is the story of Jayr and Bryne but much, much more. It continues to follow a couple that was introduced in book one while introducing other characters worthy of their own books. The craftsmanship is excellent.

Jayr is a character that I thoroughly enjoyed. She is regarded as one of the men, but lives life separated from others due to her physical appearance. Bryne is a little removed, but his hatred of himself serves as explanation.

I recommend this book, along with the others written by Lynn Veihl, to people interested in a great book composed of impeccable world building, complex characters and a great plot.

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