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Overall: 7
Sensuality: 2
Paranormal Element: 9

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Review for Hunter, Healer
Author: Lilith Saintcrow
Date of Review: 11/21/05
Reviewed by: Albertan

Reviewer Comments: Imagine the world divided into two classes of people - those with psychic talent and those without, called Deadheads. Imagine the psychics divided into two separate groups - the Society, who want to use their abilities to make the world a better place, and Sigma. They also wanted to make a better world - one designed to benefit the members of Sigma, and, in particular, the head of Sigma, a loathsome villain named Anton.

This is the world depicted by Lilith Saintcrow in her book Hunter, Healer. Rowan Price is a Society operative with such a high degree of psychic ability that Sigma would do anything to capture her and bend her to their will. Justin Delgado is also a Society Operative who has been captured and tortured by Sigma in the hopes that he will help capture Rowan

It's not going to happen. He and Rowan were once lovers. However, when they do get back together again, both are afraid to trust and reveal their vulnerability.

I had a bit of trouble the first couple of chapters sorting out the two psychic groups, but once I got further into the story, all became clear. Hunter, Healer is a psychic adventure published by ImaJinn Books and well worth the read.

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