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Book Review
Overall: 8
Sensuality: 9
Paranormal Element: 10

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Review for Dragonswan (reissue)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Date of Review: 10/08/05
Reviewed by: Kristi

Reviewer Comments: "Dragonswan" was previously published in an anthology and if you're like me space is at a premium when it comes to my "keeper" shelf. As a result this quick read is not all it's own and easy to hold on too.

Channon MacRea has spent a lifetime...well, at least the majority of her lifetime studying a dragon tapastery. Imagine her surprise when tall, dark, and very yummy askes her out after seeing her in a museum only to...well, I don't want to give it all away. Needless to say Tall, dark and yummy is Sebastian and he claims to know the answers to the questions that Channon has regarding her tapestry. One kiss later, and a bonding she finds herself transported back in time with Sabastian and learns all there is to know regarding the tapestry, Sabastian's past, and Channon's own heart. But, will she take a chance and love Sabastian for all time?

This was a very quick read totaling only 86 pages. As a result it's perfect if you want a fast, sensual, romantic read, but only have about hour to spare. Ms. Kenyon is a truly wonderful author and I find that her books are well worth picking up despite page count. This is a perfect introduction for readers that are new to Ms. Kenyon. Just imagine if you like this what she's capable of doing with 300 more pages!!!

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