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Meet Jeaniene Frost
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About Jeaniene
I'm a writer who was lucky enough to be signed by my awesome agent, Rachel Vater ( Rachel sold two of my books (Halfway to the Grave and Romancing the Grave) to Erika Tsang at HarperCollins. Halfway to the Grave was the first novel I completed, but I've written short stories/poetry since I was 12. Confessions: I swear like it's a cure for all that ails me. Motherf---- is my favorite word. It's a good thing I don't have children, or their first word would probably be a four-letter one. I can't drink because I get drunk immediately. I am an avid animal lover. If I had more willpower, I'd be a vegetarian, but for now that's filed under 'future goals'. Why I wasn't originally going to blog: Because only insomniacs would like it. They'd send me grateful emails telling me how my blog had succeeded in putting them to sleep where pills, meditation and self-inflicted concussions had failed. Who wants that kind of fan mail? Why I'm blogging now: Because someone's making me! No names ( but I have been strongly advised that I should. And since said Mystery Person has a sequel that I am frothing at the mouth to read, blog I will! Insomniacs, stand by...

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Book Series
Night Huntress
Night Huntress World
Night Prince
Book List
  At Grave's End
Bound by Flames
Destined For an Early Grave
Eternal Kiss of Darkness
First Drop of Crimson
Halfway to the Grave
Happily Never After (ebook)
Once Burned
One Foot in the Grave
One Grave at a Time
This Side of the Grave
Twice Tempted
Up From the Grave

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