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Meet Helen A. Rosburg
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About Helen
Hmmmm. Well, I do a lot of things. I write books. I founded a publishing company and a media group and am CEO of both. I'm also president and executive editor of the pub house Medallion Press. I show horses. I raise German shepherds for personal protection, military, police, service, etc. I rescue animals, and I live on a farm so I can save A LOT. I have pigs, chickens, goats, cattle, horses, donkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats, exotic birds-you name it. These things are what I am. A Christian. A wife and mother with three kids and four grandkids. A grammar geek. A real friend to a very small number of people. A passionate supporter of our troops, police, and firefighters. Animal lover.

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Ellie and the Elven King

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